OPT-HF (Optimal Proven Therapy in Heart Failure)

Heart failure is a chronic progressive disease, characterized by frequent hospital admissions and ultimately high mortality rates. It is hard to diagnose, frequently undertreated, has poor prognosis and a most costly cardiovascular illness. Its prevalence is 1-2% of the adult population in developed countries and is yet to be determined in this region. OPT-HF is a first ever service based research programme set in Pakistan that aims to address these concerns. Its objective is to provide an integrated and innovative approach to the management of heart failure patients that can contribute to improved patient outcomes, including reduced morbidity rates, improved functional status and quality of life, enhanced compliance, reduced rates of rehospitalization, reduced costs, and prolonged survival.

OPT-HF Programme consists of:

  • ‘Heart Failure Treatment Optimisation Service’ is a physician-directed care with assistance from nurse coordinators and pharmacists in patient management with access to a cardiologist for consultation. It is designed to ensure optimization of medical therapy (confirming patients are prescribed the appropriate drugs in appropriate doses) with published guidelines and to deliver a comprehensive patient and family/caregiver education about heart failure with an emphasis on a low-salt diet, medications, symptoms that signal worsening heart failure, weighing, and management strategies for problems, frequent follow-up after hospital discharge. It provides an increased access to healthcare professionals for problems by telephone or “walk-in” appointments, focuses on early attention and detection of signs and symptoms of fluid overload (i.e., flexible diuretic regimen) and also addresses heart failure disease modifying comorbids and conditions.
  • Heart Failure Registry and Research Data Base – a valuable tool for improving the management of patients with heart failure.
  • OPT-HF studies – several service based studies are already being instigated.
  • Patient Education that guarantees increased awareness, better insight and enhanced compliance of patients. (these comprise of patient guide-‘An Everyday guide to Living with Heart Failure’, body weight and fluid intake charting cards, HF illustration videos, WhatsApp messages and videos, blood pressure monitoring charts, diabetes education, reference to cardiac rehabilitation center and INR clinic where necessary, smoking cessation counselling and related handouts, vaccination programme against pneumonia and influenza).

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