Primary Prevention Programme (INCREDIBLE)

INCREDIBLE (Initiative for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction through Dietary, Behavioural, Lifestyle modifications and Exercise) Project

Cardiovascular disease (Heart attack, stroke, peripheral arterial disease) and resulting conditions are widely prevalent in the South Asians. Several modifiable and non-modifiable factors have been identified including smoking, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia (lipid / cholesterol abnormalities), psychosocial triggers, obesity, lack of exercise, lack of use of fruit and vegetables and overall poor diet. Individuals with these risk factors or conditions, if detected early and managed optimally, have been shown to have significant morbidity and mortality benefit (in simple words tend to develop these conditions much later in life and over all live longer).

We intend to run this project by:

  • Identify people who have high risk of developing CV disease by using a well validated clinical risk scoring programme called Q Risk.
  • Educate and improve public perception of achieving good health through prevention.
  • Offer advice, counselling and treatment (therapeutic measures including medications) to those with high risk of developing CV disease.
  • Achieve the aforementioned objectives through organized clinical and research programmes. Hence a lifestyle software (aimed at general public) and patients’ registry, research database and hospital based clinical service has been set up.
  • NCREDIBLE – Heart Study will be launched in Summer of 2018 and patients will be formally enrolled in this service based study.

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