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Chronic conditions now dominate healthcare, both in terms of expenditures and effects on patient quality of life. Over half of ...
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کیا آپ کو ذیابیطس ہے؟

 پاکستان میں قومی سطح پر ذیابیطس کی بیماری کے حوالے سے کیے گئے ایک سروے کے مطابق ملک میں ...
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Health & Science, What the scientists are saying…

10,000 steps “not enough” We’ve all heard that we should try to take 10,000 steps per day, but it’s not ...
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We are fascinated with mind power, but what about body power over that mind? Isn’t a body our true confinement and the most demanding circumstance? We serve the immediate needs of the body our entire existence. There is no escape, freedom or choice. We are what we eat; we are what we think; and we can hardly think of anything else under the pressure of an unsatisfied, immediate need of a body. This beautiful beast—our body—instantly turns us from a caregiver to a burden when we, for instance, break only one of our 206 bones.

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